Almond Biscotti

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Everything we sell is hand-made, hand-baked, hand-cut and hand-packed with love and devotion. Enjoy!

Delicate almond cookie with toasted almonds and a hint of orange essence.

Pairings: Enjoy alongside a breakfast of mixed fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice

JG: The original recipe for our almond biscotti came to me from a gentleman who'd been in the specialty foods business his entire career. Wally was kind enough to share some of his hard earned wisdom over coffee one afternoon about 6 years ago. Out of the blue some time after that meeting I received a note from him with a recipe he'd found and thought of me. We've deviated somewhat from that original recipe but what had impressed me so much about this almond biscotti we did keep. It calls for equal parts almonds and flour. Very unusual. And costly. But, wow! 


Tags: Almond, nuts

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