I grew up on a small corn and dairy farm in Upstate New York. Second generation to an Eastern European mother and a father with roots in the Middle East, eclectic "fusion" cuisine seemed normal to me. Doesn't everyone do kibbeh and golumpki for Easter?


Beyond not fearing recipe deviation, I learned from the many great cooks on both sides of the family something any farmer or great chef could tell you -- fresh, seasonal ingredients make any dish way better, and details, like rolling a tight grape leaf, should not be taken lightly.


In high school, I fell in love with the man I would later marry. He was the only son in an Italian family with the endearing, albeit ironic, nickname, "Meatball." Ironic because at heart, Meatball is more a sucker for sweet, complex carbs than any meatball parmigiana.


And you know what makes our biscotti so beyond awesome that friends and family talk you into selling it online to strangers at a time in your life when you'd rather be a normal Denver retiree focused on hiking and cultivating your small garden?

Apparently, it's a combination of at least three things:

  1. Respect for tradition and attention to every detail
  2. A need to play with a wide palette of non-traditional flavors
  3. A family supportive and skilled enough to help you make this whole thing blossom in a way you never dreamed possible

When you try our hand-made, hand-baked, hand-cut, and hand-packed biscotti, I hope that my love and devotion to bold flavor created with only the highest quality, all natural seasonal fresh ingredients shines through and brings you half as much pleasure as I've had in making them.

Prego godetevi, 


–The Genova Family: Janice, Mike, Angelo, Jona, Michelle, Elliana, Michael & John