Holiday Biscotti Variety Gift Boxes

$ 45.99

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Everything we sell is hand-made, hand-baked, hand-cut and hand-packed with love and devotion. Enjoy!

Want to really impress this Holiday Season? Surprise your loved one, client or even just a casual acquaintance with our super fancy Genova's Biscotti Holiday Variety Gift Box featuring our Holiday Seasonal treats of Venetian Polenta, Tart Cherry Walnut, Chocolate Peppermint and in some sizes the fan favorite Chocolate Chip because, well, Chocolate Chip. 

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Small. $45.99.  4 Flavors = 1lb Total.  4oz Venetian Polenta + 4oz Tart Cherry Walnut + 4oz Chocolate Peppermint + 4oz Chocolate Chip. 

Medium. $49.99. 3 Flavors = 18oz Total.  6oz Venetian Polenta + 6oz Tart Cherry Walnut +  6oz Chocolate Peppermint

Large. $65.99. 4 Flavors = 1.5lbs Total.  6oz Venetian Polenta + 6oz Tart Cherry Walnut + 6oz Chocolate Peppermint + 6oz Chocolate Chip.

*Sorry no substitutions.  The elves have been working on assembly line songs for months based on this script and they aren't known for their improv skills.

*Special additional discount available for orders of 10 or more.  Please email for more information.  

At least one customer said, "Genova's Holiday Biscotti Gift Boxes are the greatest client gifts I've ever given! I've been able to raise my hourly rates by 3xs and my clients just don't care because they don't want to risk being on my naughty list!! Wow. Thank you Genova's Biscotti.  Being a lawyer is finally fun again because of your incredible Biscotti!" - M. Angelo Genova III, Esq. (My son is prone to exaggeration, but I think he's funny).

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