2020 Holiday Biscotti Variety Gift Boxes

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Everything we sell is hand-made, hand-baked, hand-cut and hand-packed with love and devotion. Enjoy!

Want to really impress this Holiday Season? Surprise your loved one, client or even just a casual acquaintance with our super fancy Genova's Biscotti Holiday Variety Gift Box featuring our Holiday Seasonal treats of  Chocolate Whiskey, Mahlab  and Venetian Polenta.

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Small: $45.99.  Mix: Chocolate Whiskey, Mahlab, & Venetian Polenta. 3 Bundles of 4-6 slices of biscotti in each flavor bundle.

Large: $65.99.  Mix: Chocolate Whiskey, Mahlab, & Venetian Polenta.  3 Bundles of 6-8 slices of biscotti in each flavor bundle.

All three of this year's holiday picks are Genova's Biscotti originals!

Chocolate Whiskey is our take on Mike's favorite Christmas cookie. Sometimes called chocolate pepper cookies, we've used all of the elements of his fav and made it our own. Try releasing the full spicy flavor by dunking these in your favorite cabernet or chianti.

The flavor for our Mahlab biscotti comes from a natural seed found in the cherry stone of the St. Lucie cherry. It is an aromatic spice used in baked goods in the Middle East and surrounding areas for centuries. We press the loaves into roasted, crushed pistachios and top with toasted sesame seeds. Delicious.

Our Venetian Polenta biscotto has a delightful lemon background and delicious polenta crunch with golden raisins sprinkled in. We've taken all of the elements of a cookie Angelo found in Italy and turned it into a biscotto you will love.

*Sorry no substitutions.  The elves have been working on assembly line songs for months based on this script and they aren't known for their improv skills.

*Special additional discount available for orders of 10 or more. Please email sales@genovasbiscotti.com for more information.


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