• "News Flash 12/25/2011. Christmas Claus Captured in Colorado Consuming Countless Cantucci. Genova’s Biscotti proves irresistible to Santa."

    Dr. Brett Bidgood, Commerce City, CO

  • “Three reasons to buy biscotti from Genova’s Biscotti: 1) variety that appeals to discriminating tastes; 2) packed with goodness in every morsel; and 3) packaging and taste that compel you to reach for more”

    Minnie Simonet, Denver CO

  • “Genova’s Biscotti makes the best biscotti I've ever tasted. I make it a point to buy products without processed or artificial ingredients, and the biscotti from Genova’s Biscotti fits my requirements perfectly. Not only is it all natural, the biscotti tastes incredible!"

    Travis Salter from Dayton, OH

  • “There is nothing better than white chocolate cranberry orange almond biscotti with a hot cup of coffee. Janice is truly a genius!!!”

    Steve Frawley, Fulton NY

  • “I am completely delighted with every bite of Genova’s Biscotti. WHY? Because the addition of nuts, berries, chocolate etc. are generous. You are ensured a flavorful bite every time. And you know what else? They are made with great attention and the intention of love.”

    Kriss Wittmann, Denver CO

  • “We have eaten them at home and proudly given them as gifts. We always hear rave reviews from our recipients. They are gone before you can say Genova’s Biscotti outrageously good cookie treats. “Thanks for our pumpkin biscotti. Some is going along with me on my hike today.”

    Dan Lemke, Denver CO

  • "These "cookies" are the best I've ever had. I love to get them as special gifts for friends and family, and try very hard not to eat them first!"

    Brice Davis, Aurora CO

  • "I've never had much of a sweet tooth so when I tried my first biscotti flavor - I reached for the savory Parmesan and was bowled over by the flavor! Knowing that this is a family run business adds to the satisfaction of the product. Thank you for taking such pride in your baking - I can taste it in every bite."

    Chelsea Day Tillet, San Francisco CA


Italian man marries Upstate New York farm girl. Farm girl knows how to bake (and cook, and shuck corn, and…). In particular, she knows that when you use fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, it makes anything you bake taste better. She applies that approach and updates traditional Italian biscotti (cookies) aka cantucci (Tuscan-style biscotti) recipes into something new and fantastic by cramming these little treats with more flavor than you’ve ever had. Lucky man, lucky kids, lucky friends and now lucky you.

All hand-made, hand-baked, hand-cut and hand-packed with love and devotion to bold flavor created with only the highest quality, all natural, seasonal fresh ingredients guaranteed to knock your socks off! Thank you for helping us do what we love. We hope you enjoy!

–The Genova Family: Janice, Mike, Angelo, Jona, Michelle, Elliana

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